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Vincent Ward’s Kiwi Gothic Nudes

His figures inhabit a landscape that William Blake would have been at home in. Shades of the visionary mysticism of William Blake, the romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich and the nudes of German expressionist Kathe Kollwitz echo in the recent work of filmmaker Vincent Ward turned photographer and [...]

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Christchurch art after the quakes

Those artists remaining in Christchurch, inhabit a landscape of trauma but the art goes on. Sofa Gallery has relocated back to the main campus of the University of Canterbury where Fatu Feu’u recently exhibited the work from a Macmillan Brown residency . Gap filler has been valiantly filling t[...]

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nude loving painter Jan Nigro dies

She has explored the female gaze like no other New Zealand woman artist before her when it came to depicting the male nude. Jan Nigro has just died. Betty Aislabie was born at Gisborne in 1920, survived the Napier Earthquake and as a seventeen year old enrolled at the Elam School of Fine Arts in [&h[...]

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who killed John Key

Art and politics by Sam Mahon/ who killed John Key Like Leonardo Da Vinci Sam Mahon is an artist of many talents. He lives in North Canterbury in a reconstructed flour mill. He is a painter, sculptor – mostly in bronze – and a printmaker: he’s a superb draughtsman and builds everything from mu[...]

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Andrew Drummond putting the life back into Christchurch art

Artist Andrew Drummond with the pupils of Saint Anne’s school planting wild flowers on a demolition site in Ferry road . Drummond who is known for work engaging with nature and the human body has a new project sowing seeds on demolition sites in post earthquake Christchurch. Drummond has marsh[...]

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on living a long life as an artist ; for Austen Deans

Scientific studies have uncovered the secrets of living longer …. and a good sex life, eating chocolate and positive thinking are all in there. In fact, those who indulge in life’s little pleasures are shown to outlive sad and unhappy people in any number of studies. But living as long a[...]