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Lyttelton art and life with Julia Holden

Lyttelton Redux by Julia Holden

Using non-toxic acrylic house paint, artist Julia Holden literally covers real people in paint to recreate modern versions of old photographs or paintings. In Lyttleton Redux her signature style of ‘living canvas’ art uses Lyttelton locals to reinact the port town’s history. Once covered in paint, they pose the same way their historic counterpart did many years earlier, so Holden can take a new photo. Each portrait is accompanied by combinations of archival audio, courtesy of Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, and a little audio about the present-day subject. The Walking Tour will be on till the end of March 2017.

I had a delightful afternoon with a map I picked up at the Lyttelton visiters centre locating the 23 portraits at 20 different locations. As it was a sunday when a business was shut, you could peer in a window from the street like viewing Mrs Isabella Ballard at the Independent Provedoring Company .

The juxtaposition of the portraits within the context of shops, cafes and the Lyttelton police station  gives a frisson that a conventional gallery just does not have.

Peering at Robert Falcon Scott enacted by Marlon Williams over the ice-cream cabinets in the Lyttelton dairy was a highlight as was
Hannah Beehre as Margaret Stoddart in the Harbour Co-op and Whole foods.

So convincing is  Julia’s use of paint on real humans, my sunday companion, who knew nothing about the artist’s technique, at first thought she was viewing real painted portraits rather than photographs. Julia is an accomplished albeit an unconventional painter. I found this to be a compelling and engrossing way to spend a Sunday afternoon and would highly recommend a viewing.

Jane Zusters 5/2/17

I am committed to finding new and innovative ways of combining painting with other media to diversify potential outcomes for painting. Creating works with outcomes that range from large-scale public projections to small-scale internet or mobile phone devices allows the artwork to reach diverse audiences in their everyday spaces. Julia Holden

Check out the website

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fabulous feminism

fabulous feminism:too many dinner parties : Eastside Gallery Christchurch  31 July to 20 August 2016 : online catalogue                 we used to draw each other up close and personal, 1977 hand coloured etching, Tiffany Thornley fabulous feminism :  too m[...]

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Stealing the show: Implicated and Immune: historical revisionism

‘Art here was a critical school devoted to extolling the handful of artists with the largest market share and ignoring the rest.’ 
 Culture Crash; The Killings of the Creative Class by Scott Timberg, Yale University Press, 2015, p.207. Implicated and Immune -28th January to 28th February Micha[...]

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so let us now praise Feminist Artists/ lament for Alexis Hunter

“This is it. My breathing had got shallow all the time not sometimes.This is how you die with MND, your breathing just gives out. My neighbour in the hospice has turned the colour of the wall, magnolia!”. Facebook Alexis Hunter 23/2/14 Alexis Hunter died a day later. Alexis Hunter is a k[...]

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Antarctic Dreaming

Antarctic Dreaming, Irene Schroder and Ramonda Te Maiharoa / Niho o te Taniwha – Southland Art Gallery and Musuem opened 24 October 2013 – 24 November Four young men from Stewart Island were among the crew of the whaler ‘Atlantic’ which made landfall in Antarctica in January [...]

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240 Years of New Zealand Painting Review

Two Hundred and Forty Years of New Zealand Painting, David Batemen Ltd, 2012. CURIOUS OMISSIONS IN BOOK UPDATE The third and latest edition of 240: Two Hundred and Forty Years of New Zealand Painting, or rather Ed Hanfling’s updating section covering the period from 1990 to the present (on the top[...]

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Vincent Ward’s Kiwi Gothic Nudes

His figures inhabit a landscape that William Blake would have been at home in. Shades of the visionary mysticism of William Blake, the romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich and the nudes of German expressionist Kathe Kollwitz echo in the recent work of filmmaker Vincent Ward turned photographer and [...]